Uber just announced the start of a pilot phase of its driver rewards program called Uber Plus in three cities — Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh.

Launched as Uber Pro in the US last year, Uber Plus is an exclusive loyalty rewards program that enables driver partners to ensure more savings and access to rewards, as they continue to drive with Uber.

The program enables Uber’s driver partners to earn points as they drive on the platform. These points are earned over a fixed period of every three months and can be accumulated and redeemed to unlock rewards and a series of tiers.

The higher the tier unlocked by the driver, the better the rewards they can access. Tiers available to the driver partners during the current pilot will be Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond — each offering a different set of rewards.

What are these rewards you may ask? Uber doesn’t reveal a thorough breakdown but does mention that rewards include access to free doctor’s consultation on call, priority support, discounted prices for educational modules, additional savings on maintenance cost and even access to microloans as well as faster pickups at select airports.

The Uber Plus program will currently be available only to a sample group of driver partners in these three pilot cities, who can start accumulating points from 1 July.

Uber said that it will monitor progress and assess feedback before rolling the program out to driver partners across the country.

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