Micro-blogging site Twitter is changing the location of its navigation bar and bringing it to the bottom of the app interface in the new update for Android devices.

“We’re launching a new bottom navigation bar on Twitter for Android. With this update, you’ll be able to quickly navigate between all of your tabs with ease!” Twitter Support tweeted on Saturday.

Twitter may be bringing in this change to make the app more accessible and to enable quicker navigation between other tabs, Android Headline reported.

The bottom bar, however, would not allow users to swipe from one tab to the next, but they would have to click on a tab to access it.

Apart from the location change, the bar looks and works very much the same as it did before with the same four primary tabs in effectHome, Search/Explore, Notifications and Messages.

Twitter is rolling out this update from the server side this time instead of an app update through Google Play Store, the report added.

The update also incorporates minor updates like the line that used to denote which tab a user is on, has been removed but the tab icon would still be highlighted in the same way and color as it was before.

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