With Elon Musk acquiring Twitter for $44 Billion and stating that there will be a whirlwind of changes coming to the micro-blogging site, several prominent users have expressed their interest in seeing how Musk goes about running the social media platform. Many of these users have hailed this to be an extraordinary moment for freedom of speech and believe Musk will revolutionize how people think of social media.


There have been a few naysayers who believe that it will be difficult for Musk to do anything meaningful with Twitter. One of the most prominent names among the naysayers has been Jeff Bezos, who believes that Twitter may now be censoring anti-Chinese news and speech because of Tesla’s proximity to China.

However, Twitter’s co-founder and former CEO, Jack Dorsey, believe that there is one individual who can take Twitter back to its glory days, Elon Musk.

Jack believes that although Twitter should be owned by the people who use it, of late, it has been taken hostage by Wall Street and advertisements. He also thought that Twitter was never supposed to be a company but service rendered to the people. He took to Twitter, saying that taking it back from Wall Street and advertisers is the first step in the right direction

Jack further added that if indeed Twitter was supposed to be run as a company, Elon Musk was the ‘Singular Solution’ he trusted.

Earlier in the thread, he said that “Twitter is the closest thing we have to a global consciousness.” A significant part of Twitter’s user base had been wondering over the past month whether or not Musk would buy the company and, if he indeed did, what would that entail.

Dorsey also took a moment to thank Elon and Parag Agrawal, Twitter’s current CEO, for steering Twitter out of “an impossible situation” and setting the company on the “right path.”

Musk surprised the world when on the 14th of April, he announced to the world that he would like to take over Twitter and offered $43 Billion as his “final & only” offer. He eventually bought the company for $44 Billion.

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