Twitter today announced a revamped version of its built-in camera function which makes it much easier to directly click and tweet an image out on the mobile app.

The design tweak means that you can now open the app and swipe left from your timeline to access the camera. This makes good use of the swipe left gesture since earlier swiping left from the timeline wouldn’t let you do anything.

Once you click an image or capture a video clip using the Twitter camera, the app also lets you overlay a location, hashtag or all add colourful labels similar to that on Instagram. Once the image or video clip is posted, Twitter makes the media appear more immersive to users with the text overlay appearing at the bottom.

If you have provided Twitter access to your location while you’re using the app, the camera will work out if you’re at a major event and suggest suitable hashtags for you to post alongside your video or image. If you are, for example, attending a football game, Twitter will work out that you’re at the stadium and perhaps suggest the match hashtag for your post.

This isn’t in any way similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories but making the camera function readily available should entice more people into posting photos or media from within the Twitter app.

This redesign will be a server-side update and will be rolling out to both Android and iOS versions of the app over the next two weeks.

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