Twitter hand launched the reverse-chronological feed to its mobile app on iOS last month, and now the feature has started rolling out on its Android app as well.

Twitter tweeted confirming the same on 16 January.

The platform has added a ‘sparkle’ toggle which will allow users to switch from its ranked timeline to the reverse-chronological feed for as long as they like.

Here’s how you can enable it. Just tap on the cluster of stars located on the top right corner of the app and you will get the latest tweets. Also, if Twitter sees that you are regularly shifting to the reverse timeline, it will make it the default news feed.

People holding mobile phones are silhouetted against a backdrop projected with the Twitter logo. Image: Reuters

Twitter had earlier allowed users to do this, it was only on a temporary basis.

About three years back, it had started to roll out an algorithmic timeline which showed you a selection of tweets on the basis of popularity or tweets of people you regularly interact with. The feature had received mixed responses from users with some saying that this new algorithm splits up conversations on the platform, as per a report by The Verge. The change was seen as necessary at a time when Facebook had fast outgrown Twitter in user count and there were doubts about the latter’s future.

The option to switch back will be good for people who have been long waiting for it.

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