Twitter is rolling back its threaded conversation layout launched earlier this year. The company announced the rollback of the threaded conversations feature via its Twitter Support account. Stating, “Your feedback shapes Twitter,” the microblogging site wrote, “We asked, and you let us know this reply layout wasn’t it, as it was harder to read and join conversations. So we’ve turned off this format to work on other ways to improve conversations on Twitter.”

Twitter started testing the new layout for threaded conversations for iOS and web users earlier this year to make the conversations on the microblogging site more organized. Twitter wanted to make it easier to read and follow dialogues on the social media platform through the feature. Reports added that Twitter was testing the features for over a year in its prototype app, Twttr. In fact, Twitter is also shutting down the Twttr prototype app that it had launched last year. “We appreciate the feedback you gave us through this run of our prototype app Twttr,” Twitter wrote before adding that for now, they are turning off the Twttr prototype so that they can concentrate on new tests to improve the conversation experience on Twitter. The microblogging site further added that if someone uses Twttr, they should switch to the main Twitter app to keep up with what’s happening.

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