Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow users to watch YouTube videos directly from the home timeline. This will allow them to conveniently watch videos without the need to leave a conversation or a post. Currently, the ability is being tested for the iOS app and is likely to reach Android and web users soon. The information comes from Twitter Support’s tweet. With this, users will tap on a YouTube video shown on their timeline and watch it from there itself. This functionality is similar to the videos that appear on Facebook.

Earlier, to watch videos on Twitter, people had to click on the link to be directed to another page to watch it. This interrupted the user experience as people could no longer stay on the conversations they were on.

Twitter is said to be using the YouTube iFrame Player AP, as per a report by TechCrunch. The test will initially be available for iOS users in the US, Japan, Canada, and Saudi Arabia and eventually reach people globally.

Twitter also announced the ability for users to upload 4K images on both Android and iOS. This can be done via a new option under the ‘Data and Storage’ in the Settings menu.

Talking about the future, Twitter is also expected to introduce an undo button and a subscription-based model for people to post subscriber-only content on the platform.

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