To know what is buzzing in the Twitter world, you have to either like or reply on a thread to get the updates. Now, Twitter is looking at changing that to make the platform more ‘conversational’.

Twitter tipster Jane Manchun Wong has unearthed a ‘subscribe to conversation’ feature, confirmed by the microblogging site, that allows one to get notifications about an active thread without having to like or reply on it, Engadget reported.

The new tool is located to the top right corner of threads. Once enabled, you will be notified when additional tweets are added to the thread. As the feature is currently available in the beta version of the Android app, it is unclear if it will be rolled out to the masses.

Besides that, Wong also shared what the rumoured “News Camera” feature on the platform may look like. This will apparently allow users to add “new camera moments on top of previous ones into a thread”. Somewhat like a tweet thread, but with pictures.

In addition to that, she also suggested that Twitter is working on a separate ‘Trending’ tab under Explore, which will show the trending topics according to regions.

Finally, Wong also tweeted that for Android users, the Twitter app will soon start including the entire follower count. Which is more like a bug fix than a new feature.

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