Elon Musk seems to be contemplating ways to cut costs on Twitter’s day-to-day operations. However, how he is going about it is rather bizarre. As per a report by the New York Times, Twitter has stopped paying rent for all of its offices, including its headquarters in San Francisco. Musk has also instructed employees not to pay any of Twitter’s vendors until further notice.

A chartered flight operator has sued Twitter for refusing to pay nearly $200,000 in private plane flights taken in late October.

What’s even more bizarre is that now, Musk is considering not paying any severance to the employees that he had either fired when he took control of Twitter or whom he forced to quit when he announced his vision for Twitter 2.0.

Elon Musk first fired over 50 percent of the 7200 people on Twitter’s payroll to cut costs and save money. He then additionally terminated about 4000 contractual content moderators. Furthermore, he made another 1200 people leave Twitter when he announced his vision of Twitter 2.0. All in all, since Musk took over, over 75 percent of Twitter’s workforce has gone.

When the terminations began, Musk had promised that all employees who are terminated or have decided to leave on their own accord would get three months’ pay, including 60 days of salaried income and one month of severance. Musk and his team are now risking more lawsuits from disgruntled former workers. Musk and Twitter have already been sued for wrongful termination and discrimination at the workplace for disproportionately targeting women, workers on family leave, and specially-abled people.

Musk also recently put a bunch of items from Twitter’s San Francisco HQ up for auction. Apart from novelties and souvenirs such as a giant Twitter bird statue, the items on auction include office furniture, computers, and items from Twitter’s pantry. And while the auctioneer, Nick Dove of Heritage Global Partners, has said that anyone who believes the auction is a part of preserving finances is a “moron,” this facade seems to be falling flat to its face.

Despite the number of legal battles that Musk and Twitter are looking at, Elon has shaken up Twitter’s legal department because of Twitter Files and has brought in lawyers from SpaceX and other companies he owns to take care of the litigations that Musk and Twitter will face.

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