Twitter’s technical support team has now begun warning users to not fall for what appears to be the latest viral prank circulating on the platform.

But unlike other pranks, this one can actually get you locked out of your account.

What is the Twitter Birthday Prank?

The trick gets people to change their birthday on Twitter to 2007, which would purportedly unlock new colour schemes. While this does sound harmless once you read it, it’s essentially meant to disqualify you from using Twitter.

This isn’t a bug or a software loophole people are tapping into to lock you out. If you change your birthday to 2007, you’ll be locked out of your account for being under 13, as Twitter requires users to be above that age to use the service.

How to retrieve your account after it’s locked because of Twitter Birthday Prank?

If you have fallen for the prank and you’re locked out, don’t begin to panic. You can get your account back. But it certainly isn’t as simple as it was to fool you.

As pointed out in a report by The Verge, the process of regaining access to your account involves going through a process to prove your actual age. You will have to reach out to Twitter Support and provide a government-verified identification document to prove your real age.

Twitter has asked users to follow the instructions sent to their email after the change was made, so they can get back into their account.

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