One of Elon Musk’s first activities after taking over Twitter was to fire Parag Agrawal, Ned Segal, and other top brass running Twitter. The firing was out of spite. Parag Agrawal, in particular, was in Musk’s crosshairs for forcing his hand to go through with Twitter’s acquisition.

Rumors have started to surface that Twitter had asked Parag Agrawal and Ned Segal to return to handle the operations of Twitter. However, they only had six minutes to decide if they wanted to return.

The news was first broken by Eric Frohnhoefer, the same engineer who called out Elon Musk on Twitter when Musk tweeted out, saying how Twitter is slow in other countries. Frohnhoefer was later fired for taking on Musk in the public domain.

Frohnhoefer tweeted, breaking the news of Parag and Ned being offered to rejoin Twitter.

Several things are still unclear about the situation, so this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

If this is true, it won’t be the first time that Twitter had to tell people they had to terminate. Soon after Twitter fired nearly half its global staff, several dozens of engineers were offered their jobs after the management realized that some of the teams they fired were essential to carry out what Musk had planned for Twitter, whereas others were fired mistakenly.

We still don’t know if Musk decided to recall Parag and Ned or if the previous managers initiated it at Twitter before they quit.

Another unclear thing is how Parag and Ned responded to this offer, assuming it was legitimate. When he was fired, Parag Agrawal was entitled to a handsome severance package, which Musk tried to block.

In any case, it is doubtful that Agrawal and Segal would return to Twitter, given the platform’s upheaval. Furthermore, it is unlikely that Musk would make a serious offer to either of them.

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