Popular caller-identification application Truecaller introduces another important feature where users will get to know why a certain someone is calling them. Truecaller started with its Caller ID feature that solved the issue of knowing who is calling. This came in handy for anyone with an unknown number or unsaved contact. Now users will also know why they are calling, no matter whether their contact is saved on your device or not.

As Lindsey Lamont writes for Truecaller, the app has “solved the ‘who’ and now [they] are solving the ‘why.’” The blog has added that users have long demanded the feature. “We’ve seen tweets and messages from you telling us that you wanted to know why people were calling. It’s clearly a great idea, so we made it happen,” the post said.

The feature is currently rolling out for Android users for free.

Explaining how the feature will work, Lamont says that a user needs to click on the ‘Call Reason’ button before making a call via Truecaller. Users can either choose to write custom reasons every time they make a call, or set three custom reasons they think they would use the most, or skip writing a reason. Users will have the option to turn off Call Reason from the settings.

Users often do not pick up calls or let it ring due to their mood or busy schedule. To make the person know why you are calling is likely to increase the chances of picking up the phone, as per Truecaller. For example, if it is about some important news, you can write, “Got something urgent to say!” and while your friend might have thought of returning your call later in the day, the reason will make them pick it up right then and there.

On the other hand, it will help users differentiate between sales calls and necessary sales updates from any telecommunication firm.

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