Top 5 apps to ensure you don’t miss a thing from FIFA World Cup 2018

The upcoming 31 days will be dominated by football with the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicking off from 14 June 2018.

Most of the matches start late in the night or in most cases in the middle of the night here in India. While most soccer fans would want to burn the mid-night oil to watch the matches live on television, but you are not always able to do that. Well, because life and all.The event is being held in Russia, but the frenzy for the matches is going to be worldwide. However, most Asian companies remain at a slight loss during FIFA, because of the time difference.

And an easy way to stay up to date with these matches without staying up all night is, mobile apps. Here is a list of some iOS and Android app that will help you keep up with the FIFA frenzy.

Official FIFA app

What’s obviously better than the official FIFA app. It is free and available on both Android and iOS. This app has complete information about all the participating teams, schedule of matches, image gallery, video collection and a minute by minute description of all matches.

Goal Live Score

In case you want to skip all the frill and just want the real business then this is the app for you. The Goal Live Score only gives you the score of all the matches. But it is pretty efficient and updates in realtime. Available on both iOS and Android.

Stats Zone

In case you are into the thread and needle of the sport, and like to maintain stats of the games, then Stats Zone is the app for you. The app provides detailed tactics employed during the matches. The app is available only on iOS.


Onefootball keeps you updated about all latest happenings related to the World Cup as well. It provides everything you would want to remain at the top of the game like live scores, news, highlights, stats, etc. But what makes the app stand apart is that you can personalize content as per your favourite teams and players.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.

Watch ESPN

Finally, if you are on the go, then Watch ESPN can come in really handy. You can watch the live stream of all matches of FIFA World Cup with WatchESPN app. However, you will need to subscribe to the dish service for it. You can even get other updates regarding matches and tournaments with this app.

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