There’s only so much a picture can say. And when it comes to dating apps, you, of course, need your profile to say a lot in a very little time (I am talking seconds) before that left swipe steals away your chance.

Creating a full video and talking about yourself may not be the best idea in this fast life, and a still image is just passé. Therefore, Tinder has now rolled out support for GIF-like video loops, that will add a little spice to your profile.

Basically, Tinder has added a new loop feature, which allows you to add two-second looping videos to your profile. The ability to add usual still shots will obviously remain.

To create these 2-second videos, you can either make a short GIF of yourself, or you could even trim an existing video and this could be your “two second to fame”. You can add up to nine photos or Loops in your profile, which was earlier limited to six.

As of now, the feature is available only for iOS users in the US, UK, Canada and large chunks of Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Android singles, you might have to wait a little longer.

If somehow you don’t know what Tinder is and are still trying to make sense of this article, it is a dating app owned by the Match Group. This app is used to find dated by swiping right to accept or left to reject them.

The app has features such as ‘likes’ and ‘superlikes’. A user can press the ‘like’ button to suggest an interest in another profile. Ie that person likes your profile back, then you are notified that it is a ‘Match’.

Superlike, on the other hand, is like getting a gold star in primary school. Once someone gives you a superlike, you are already their top choice. All of this happens by what another person sees in your profile, and hence, Tinder’s attention to profile images.

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