If your app is on the Play Store then you are going to be charged a hefty fee of any in-app purchases by Google for providing you with its platform and that doesn’t sit well with major app developers. Now popular dating app Tinder has joined the ranks of revoting app developers who are by-passing Google Play Store.

Tinder, as per a Bloomberg report, now requires the user to enter their credit card details directly after which the app will remember the details and will route its payment directly via the credit card instead of using payment methods on Google Play Store.

Epic Games had earlier refused to list its popular game Fortnite on the Play Store to avoid the 30 percent fee charged by Google. However, Tinder has taken a different approach by remaining on the Play Store but still is in open defiance of Google’s policies. The report says that Tinder is in the hope that Google will not take down the app due to its immense popularity.

Giants such as Netflix and Spotify have stopped users from subscribing via their mobile app to avoid paying 30 percent to Google. It remains to be seen what Google’s response to Tinder would be or whether the company is willing to pull down the app.

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