Tim Cook responds to Pune-based lawyer’s letter thanking Apple Watch for saving her life

A Pune-based civil lawyer wrote a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook for making her realise the importance of health through Apple Watch.

However, on one such stressful day, the smartwatch came to her rescue. It so happened that one of her associates forgot to get the signature of an official and considering the strict deadline, Joglekar was quite stressed. During the official proceeding, her Watch had been reportedly buzzing, repeatedly. Despite ignoring the alert a number of times that day, she finally checked. On the screen of the Watch, a message flashed that said she must breathe and relax since her heart rate was nearly 136 beats per minute, almost twice the normal heart rate.According to a report by Gadgets Now, Arati Joglekar, 53, has been practising law for the past 30 years. In 2017 when she was purchasing the iPhone 8 Plus, she was told about the Apple Watch and its features. Considering the nature of her job which is usually stressful, she bought the smartwatch so that she could monitor her health. Her usage was minimal.

On realising the critical health situation she rested. She then discussed the anecdote with her family.

Realising the usefulness of smartwatch and how life-changing it was, her son decided to write a letter to Tim Cook about the usefulness of the Watch and its health promise. He also said that the Watch had made him appreciate the underlying technology which is helping people monitor their health.

To this, Tim Cook responded with, “I’m happy your Mum is fine. Thanks for your note and kind words. Best, Tim.”

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