It has not even been a day since US President addressed Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Apple, and Cook has promptly changed his Twitter name much to everyone’s amusement.

Tim Cook’s Twitter bio now reads his name as Tim followed by an Apple logo, which is only visible to macOS and iOS users. Android and Windows users just see Tim followed by a box.

Cook has smartly used what many may have assumed to be dig at him, and turned it into another marketing tool.

While Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is pretty well known in tech circle and beyond, the President of the US apparently does not remember his full name. At an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting today Donald Trump called Tim Cook as Tim Apple.

It didn’t appear that this was a jolly way of Trump associating Tim with the company he managed because for the entirety of the speech Trump referred to Tim Cook as only Tim. Nor did Trump continue his sentence after saying Tim Apple, like “Thank you Tim… Apple is doing great.”

No, it felt as though Trump had forgotten the last name of one of the tech industry’s biggest mogul.

According to The Verge, since the Apple character is not a Unicode symbol, it is only visible to Apple users.

This has naturally got everyone on Twitter in splits.

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