When you’re Apple your products will make big news. The iPhone is perhaps the most structurally engineered smartphone on the planet but every now and then one device may set of alarms. A news report has emerged which has claimed that three weeks old iPhone XS Max spontaneously exploded causing injuries to the owner.

An Ohio resident who was the owner of this iPhone XS Max is reportedly suing Apple for personal damages as per Phonearena. Josh Hillard says that the handset was in his trousers when it started discharge “a large amount of heat”, as well as green and yellow coloured smoke.

Hillard’s trousers caught fire and he had to find a private place to remove them by which time the fire had engulfed the phone. Josh also  is also unhappy about the large amount of smoke he inhaled “from the time of first noticing the fire and between removal of the pants and taking the phone out of my pocket and placing it outside.”

At this point, there is no information on what exactly caused this unfortunate incident and we can be sure that Apple will thoroughly examine all claims to avoid being sued at all.

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