WhatsApp may be one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, but if you’re looking for a more mature, privacy-focused app that’s not associated with Facebook, Telegram is the one you want. And if you’re feeling a bit… adventurous, Telegram X is the one you should be trying.

Telegram X is an experimental version of Telegram that’s been rewritten from the ground up. On iOS devices, X is written in the native-to-iOS Swift programming language, making it blisteringly quick on Apple devices. That being said, it is an experimental app and there could be bugs.

The latest update to the app now includes a brand new notification system, an account manager, deleting messages from the recipient’s device in private chat, improved 2FA (two-factor authentication) and more.

The new notification system consists primarily of bug fixes and changes to how notifications are shown when signed into multiple devices. Grouped notifications are also now possible.

What’s more interesting is the new account manager. Unlike WhatsAppTelegram X supports multiple accounts on one device. If too many accounts were used, this feature did put a strain on a user’s phone. The latest update addresses this performance issue and Telegram X should now perform just as well with three accounts as with 3,000, claims the developer.

The April update is rolling out to all users in a phased manner.

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