Popular messaging app Telegram has introduced Voice Chats 2.0 for all users. The new feature will allow users to conduct audio-based chats, much like it is done on Clubhouse. The feature comes after Telegram provided the ability for Groups back in December last year. It is now available for unlimited participants. Here’s a look at what it is. Voice Chats 2.0 also brings about several features for the ease of communicating verbally by hosting Channels.

Firstly, admins of the Channels and public groups will host audio-based chats for millions of people; there won’t be a limit on this.

The voice chats can also be recorded so that people who have missed the sessions can listen to them later. The recorded voice chats can be saved in the ‘Saved Messages’ section and can even be shared with others. Once the recording starts, users will see a red light next to the title of the voice chat.

Another feature is raising hands that allow participants to raise hands and ask questions, much like Clubhouse. Admins can now see the bio of the attendees to recognize them easily.

Telegram also allows admins to create separate invite links for speakers and listeners to avoid any confusion. These can also be shared in different community groups for better reach. For celebrities, there is now an option to join voice chats via their public channels instead of personal accounts to maintain privacy.

In addition to this, Telegram has got features such as the ability to cancel forwarding a message, changing the recipient of a message, and listening to voice messages from where they were left. Android users can now choose the ‘swiping left’ actions in the chat list. The options include archiving chats, pinning, muting, deleting, or marking them as read.

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