Spotify is planning to update its home screen. The announcement was made through a blog post on Monday, 22 March. The company said that the latest updates would be available to the app users in both iOS and Android operating systems this month. Spotify added that the update is going to make the experience more personalized for its listeners. Users of the app will have customized home screens with the ‘recently played’ podcasts and discover sections.

While podcasts and discover sections will only be catered to premium users, the recently played option that will have three months of listening history will be available for both free and premium users.

The podcast section on the home screen will display new and relevant podcasts for the users. To understand its users, the company will mark the new podcasts with a blue dot, while those that have already been played will show a progress bar.

The discover option, which will be available on the home screen of premium Spotify users, will notify them botherer favorite artist’s new songs. The surface will be highlighted on the top of the homepage.

Lastly, with the ‘recently played’ option, both free and premium users will be able to go back in time and access the tracks that they have listened to in the recent past.

The Swedish company believes that these updates will make the Home hub of the app easier and intuitive.

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