Spotify launches new Premium Mini plans for India, slashes subscription charges

To increase its subscriber base, Spotify India has introduced revised daily and weekly plans called Premium Mini. The company has reduced the cost of its schemes.

Subscribers under the Premium Mini will now have to pay Rs 7 for the one-day plan and Rs 25 every week. Earlier, the firm used to charge Rs 13 for the daily plan, and weekly basis, subscribers used to pay Rs 39, GSM Arena reported.

However, compared to the individual plan, the new Premium Mini has some limitations. The subscribers can listen to music or songs only on a mobile device, and the limit has been set at 30 songs on a mobile device. In the individual plan, a subscriber can listen to songs/music on desktop apps or the web and download up to 10k songs per device on 5 devices.

Apart from launching the new plan, Spotify India has also reduced the annual subscription from Rs 1,189 to Rs 999. This offer expires on December 31, 2020.

Meanwhile, the individual plans continue to remain the same, including Rs 119 per month for single users, Rs 149 for the Duo plan, and Rs 179 for a group of six accounts.

Recently, Spotify had alerted its users about a data breach. This was the third breach in less than a month, after which Spotify released a statement on December 9, 2020.

“We take any loss of personal information very seriously and are taking steps to help protect you and your personal information. We have conducted an internal investigation and have contacted all of our business partners that may have had access to your account information to ensure that any personal information that may have been inadvertently disclosed to them has been deleted,” ThreadPost quoted the statement.

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