Back in the 90s, Clippy on MS Word was the best possible companion for quick queries and search. It also worked as a thesaurus. But that’s the extent of what it could do. However, now, with artificial intelligence (AI) now sitting at the heart of technology, at the Build conference, Microsoft announced that a new feature called Ideas for the online version of Word is coming soon and it will help you clean up your copy.

Ideas already exists in PowerPoint and Excel, and uses machine learning and intelligence from Microsoft Graph to help users write “polished prose, create more professional documents and efficiently navigate documents created by others.”

Essentially, Ideas goes beyond just correcting grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. It will apparently also do the job of a first level copy editor by suggesting corrections to phrases that could perhaps be clearer. If you somehow mangled a part of your sentence, Ideas will suggest a rewrite.

And the most beautiful part, at least what’s claimed, is that it will also help you write more inclusively. This means that it will point out if you inadvertently exclude or put down individuals or members of a specific group. For instance, it will suggest you use the term “police officer” instead of “policeman.”

Besides that, Ideas will also recommend acronyms based on their usage in Microsoft Graph, it will calculate the average time to read the document, and highlight extraction

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