At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which began today, 5 January, Sony’s Chairman, President, and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida announced that the company is starting a new division called the Sony Mobility Inc.

During the event, Yoshida showed off a brand-new Vision S concept electric car prototype. He also informed that this would begin the commercialization of its electric vehicles.

At Sony’s press conference in Las Vegas, the company showcased its existing Sony Vision-S sedan unveiled last year at CES. This year, the company also flexed a new model, the Sony Vision-S SUV prototype, in the line-up.

“The excitement we received after we showed off the Vision-S encouraged us to consider further how we can bring creativity and technology to change the experience of moving from one place to another,” Yoshida said. Later at the event, he revealed the new Vision S SUV prototype.

Further highlighting its features, Sony’s chief asserted that the Vision-S had been established on factors including adaptability, safety, and entertainment. He said that safety is Sony’s number 1 priority in offering a relaxed mobility experience. To monitor safety, Yoshida noted that a total of 40 sensors had been installed inside and outside the vehicle.

Citing its other features, Yoshida said that they offer 5G that will allow high speed, high capacity, and low latency connectivity. He said this connectivity would be between the in-vehicle system and the cloud.

Moreover, Vision-S will support mobility in offering entertainment space for the most satisfactory gaming experience and best audio.

On the other hand, Sony shared several videos on YouTube featuring both Vision-S prototype EVs for people to look at.

The Japanese electronics firm already has advanced technology in sensors which is critical to autonomous driving. Besides, they also have audio and entertainment systems that are progressively in demand for the upcoming generation of vehicles.

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