We are super jealous — Gen Z now have the opportunity to Snap and solve their math problems!

Besides the Landmarkers and Snap Games that Snapchat announced at the Partners Summit in Los Angeles, the company also launched a new platform called Scan, which is essentially an AR utility tool.

In partnership with PhotomathSnapchat has added the ability to the app to solve math problems. Snapchathas also integrated GIPHY in the app, which uses AI to detect objects and suggest related GIFs onscreen.

Scan will roll out to all Snapchat users soon.

As of now, you can use Snapchat’s camera to identify songs with Shazam and make purchases on Amazon by just pointing your camera at an object you want. However, with Scan being announced, Snap will be putting all these features under one umbrella.

Snapchat had some major announcements, related to the camera app alone. It’s probably one of the very few apps that seems to be innovating this heavily on augmented reality and evolving the technology in such a fun manner.

Ever since Instagram stole the Stories idea, Snapchat’s user graph has moved down south at quite a pace. In November last year, it reportedly lost 186 million users. However, the announcements at this week’s summit seem very exciting, but we’re not sure if they’re enough to entice users to return or jump ship.

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