Snapchat has, on Thursday (15 October), launched a new feature called Sounds. The feature will enable Snapchatters on iOS globally to add music to their Snaps (pre or post-capture) from a robust and curated catalogue of music from emerging and established artists. When a user receives a Snap with Sounds, he/she will have to swipe up to view the album art, song title, and name of the artist. A “Play This Song” link will enable you to listen to the full song on your favourite streaming platform, including Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Sounds on Snapchat launches with an exclusive preview of Justin Bieber’s song Lonely from his latest album, a day ahead of the album launch across the world.

Snapchatters will be able to create artistic Snaps with Bieber’s new ballad, share them with friends, as well as save the link to download the song when it is available on their favourite platform from 16 October.

According to a report by The Verge, Snapchat has already introduced the feature for its users in New Zealand and Australia. In August, it had said that it would be rolling out music to more regions soon.

It is, however, not clear as to when Snapchat will roll out Sounds feature for its Android users.

The report mentioned Snapchat saying that will test allowing people to make their own sounds and the feature will roll out globally in the coming months.

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