The puppy filter on Snapchat is the king of all filters and when it went on a suspension, no one took it well. That is the reigning power of the filter most loved, even more than the ‘pretty’ filter.

And now, building on the puppy love — Snapchat has launched filters dedicated to the doggos. Cats got their filter in October, it was only fair the puppos and doggos had some fun!

With the news face filters for our furiends, your dogs can wear glasses, become pizza faces, wear reindeer antlers and have hearts flying around their lovely facial features with great precision.

TBH, this is such a great time for animal lovers on Snapchat. As opposed to the filters beings reserved for hoomans all this while, our cats and dogs can now be a part of our virtual social life.

It is, of course, a pretty easy process — open Snapchat, click on lenses, chose a lens you find cute and yay. Getting your pet puppy to stay put might be a problem though, but all the very best!

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