Snapchat is taking its augmented reality game to the next level!

At its Partner Summit in Los Angeles, Snapchat announced what it calls ‘Landmarkers’, which is essentially a set of lenses aimed at bringing new life to some of the world’s most famous locations. For instance: the Eiffel Tower!

Snapchat reveals that these lenses were designed by its users. They essentially allow users to transform a famous landmark into an animated character.

The Verge reports that one of these “characters” makes the Eiffel Tower throw up rainbows. Another of these lenses makes confetti pop up from the top of the Capitol building, and popcorn spring off the TCL Chinese Theatre.

Snapchat is rolling out Landmarks into the app starting today.

Additionally, Engadget reports that over 400,000 Lenses have now been created with Lens Studio, and they have been played over 15 billion times by Snapchat users.

If you are a Lens creator, you can submit your own take on Landmarks using Lens Studio 2.0. However, to prevent abuse of the platform, Snapchat says that Snap employees will hand-pick the lenses that go live in the app.

To add to the rollout of Landmarkers, Snapchat has also added the ability to add GIPHY to help users find contextual GIFs, and a feature called Photomath, which lets users take pictures of complex math problems, and shows them the solution in results.

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