Snap has announced a new version of its Spectacles called the Spectacles 3. The new glasses at priced at $380 and will go on sale on starting November this year.

According to The Verge, the new glasses will be a limited release and will focus on Snap’s efforts to build a new computing platform on the face.

The new Spectacles 3 being a limited release are aimed at fashionistas and the creative types, which also means that they will not appeal to a mass audience, but a smaller group of users.

Priced $150 above the current Spectacles 2 range, the glasses add two HD cameras letting the spectacles calculate depth as well. This depth data can be used to take advantage of the new 3D filters in the Snapchatapp on a smartphone. The new 3D effects will be exclusive to Spectacles 3 users.

The glasses can reportedly click 70 videos and more than 200 photos on a single charge, and the 4GB of storage lets a user store up to 100 videos or 1,200 photos.

Spectacles 3 are made from a single sheet of lightweight stainless steel, making them thinner and durable as well. The lenses are tinted to provide sun protection.

Spectacles 3 will be available in Carbon and Mineral finishes and come with matching full-grain leather cases with microfiber interiors, which fold flat when not in use. Also included in the package is a USB charging cable.

Snap on its website has mentioned that the Spectacles 3 (and its accessories) are not water-resistant. So while you can take it to the beach, just make sure you don’t take them for a dip.

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