Read receipts are not something new if you’re used to any of the popular chat apps out there, but for users who still use Skype, the feature is finally being added.

When an individual sees your message on a Skype chat window, his/her avatar will pop up, signifying that the message has been read. If you’re still confused about how it works, it is quite similar to a Bitmoji that pops up on Snapchat when someone’s seen a Snap.

As per a post on Microsoft’s community forum, users who are part of Skype’s Insider Preview program can see read receipts if they update to version 8.26.76 on iOS, Android or even the PC app. As per a report by Engadget, the feature works for one-on-one as well as group conversations on Skype. However, everyone will have to run the updated version or else the effort will be futile.

You also do get the option to turn them off completely or set them only for saved contacts under privacy settings. If the test feature works fine in the preview build, a wider roll-out should be on its way soon.

If you’re not a part of the Insider Program, we suggest you stick to WhatsApp, iMessage or any one of the popular chat apps out there that supports the feature. That said, Skype may finally be catching up to where other chat apps were at least two years ago.

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