Skeye nano 2: The smallest FPV camera drone

This one looks right from sci-fi movies, but it is real and available for purchase! Meet Skeye nano 2 FPV, a miniature drone, probably the smallest, that packs in a camera.

The lightweight Nano 2 comes equipped with an HD-capable camera that is Wi-Fi controlled, allowing first person view in real-time.

With a price drop that now places it at $99 from $129, the drone can takeoff with just the push of a button. The included controller will then let you control it and you can also sync it with your smartphone through Wi-Fi. The 6-axis flight control system comes with an adjustable gyro sensitivity for precise flying.

It is already being touted as a great gifting option available here, and the site claims free international shipping.

Meanwhile, we recently saw Parrot, famous for their AR.Drone series of consumer drones, add yet another drone to their lineup called Disco. Unlike regular quad-rotor drones, it is based on a fixed-wing design. The Disco features a flying wing design akin to the B2 bomber. There’s a single motor at the rear, a camera module in the front and winglets at the tips of the wings double as vertical stabilisers.

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