Samsung will be releasing the Galaxy S23 series sometime in February at a special event. However, rumors around the 2024 inbound S24 series have already started to leak, even before people see the S23 series of devices.

S23 Ultra’s successor, which will land in early 2024, will reportedly feature an all-new telephoto sensor.

According to prolific leakster Ice Universe, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will replace the telephoto sensor used in its predecessors and “adopt a new solution.” While Ice Universe doesn’t mention which telephoto sensor this concerns, we assume it’s the periscope zoom. Then again, the renewal could apply to both that and the 3x zoom module.

On the other hand, the primary camera in the S24 Ultra is said to either remain the same as in the S23 Ultra or will only be slightly upgraded – nothing too major. While the upcoming S23 Ultra has been rumored to keep the same zooming hardware as its predecessor, for the S22 Ultra, the image quality has been rumored to improve thanks to better color science, image processing, and the use of several “AI algorithms.”

It looks like the S23 Ultra will somewhat improve zoom image quality, while the S24 Ultra may bring us some revolutionary new tech. On the other hand, when it comes to the primary camera, one of the most significant changes to go to the S23 series will be the introduction of the new 200 MP ISOCELL HP3 sensor, which will be used in 2024 too either in identical or slightly-altered form.

The ISOCELL HP1 was the first 200MP sensor in the world and was developed by Samsung. We have already seen the sensor used in many devices, most notably the Motorola X30 Pro. The HP3 sensor is a slightly tweaked and much more refined version of the HP1 sensor and was launched earlier this year.

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