A number of Samsung smartphone users have complained regarding their phones having a mind of their own, as they have been sending stored photos randomly to any of their contacts.

A list of complaints have been spotted on Reddit and the official forum for Samsung community. Users of the latest models like Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S9 are also facing this problem.

According to these user reports, Samsung Messages which is a default texting app on Galaxy devices is sending pictures to any random contact via SMS.

This bug may create a lot of issues as the photos may get sent to the person like your boss or business partners giving them an unwanted peek into your life. Also, this bug is quite creepy as it leaves no evidence after sending the photos as claimed by a lot of users.

Speculations are hinting at some issue with the Rich Communication Services (RCS) of Samsung Messages. RCS enables the traditional SMS platform with new features like improved media sharing, predictions for typing, and read receipts.

According to a report in Gizmodo, Samsung’s response to this issue was that their technical team is looking into this issue and the concerned users should contact them directly. Till there is a proper fix to this problem, Samsung users can revoke Samsung Messages’ permission to access storage and users should switch to a different platform to send messages.

This may help Samsung users safeguard their privacy till the time the issue is resolved.

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