Samsung has officially introduced Bixby Marketplacea Bixby-enabled app that will allow users to browse from one app to another to get the required service. All the users have to do is open the Bixby app and press the Bixby key which will take you to the Bixby Marketplace. On this main page, the categories are named as “Capsules”. These capsules include Productivity, Business and Finance, Sports, Shopping and so on.

This is an Alexa-like skill that now the Bixby has adopted, where, by a voice command it will help users connect to different apps. The Marketplace includes apps such as Google Maps, SpotifyiHeartRadioNPR,Yelp, and more. Developers will continue to add more capsules over the next few months.

The underlying idea is to provide a more tailored experience by learning what you like to do and then work with your favourite apps and services to get tasks done faster. Users can customise capsules as per their needs. For example, if you like Uber as a preferred mode of transport, you can put it in the capsule so that the next time you are looking to book a ride, the app will automatically take you to the Uber app.

The Bixby Marketplace app is available in the US and South Korea as of now.

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