Future smartphone models by South Korean giant Samsung will also not come with a charger and headphones in the box, the company has revealed recently. Answering the most commonly asked questions on the Samsung forum, the firm replied that the decision to omit the charger plug and headphones was to support “sustainable choices.” However, the company also said that the accessories omission would be a “gradual” process. Responding to the query on ‘why did Samsung choose to remove wired headphones and in-box chargers for Galaxy S21’, the firm said they had noticed many Galaxy users “reusing accessories” to “promote better recycling habits.”

Thus, to support the choice, Samsung will be removing the charger plug and earphones from the latest line of Galaxy smartphones.

They have also written that they believe that the “gradual” changes in the in-box device packaging will give users ease of “continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.”

As The Verge points out, the gradual removal of chargers can meanwhile some of the next generation models come sans the units; some may. The report states that Samsung can plan to pack a charger brick in its high-end phones so that a buyer paying a huge amount of money can justify the purchase. On the other hand, the chargers can be included in certain budget phones to grasp the target audience looking forward to getting a dial-phone and a charger and headphones together.

In December, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced that the Mi 11 would come with no charger packed inside the box. He had termed the idle chargers stored in everyone’s homes as both users’ “trouble and the burden of the environment.”

The decision to ditch the charger in the packing comes months after Apple packaged the iPhone 12 series without the in-box charger and earphones and announced that all future phones would come sans the charger unit.

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