Realme has introduced its 108 MP camera technology globally today. The new 108 MP camera uses Samsung’s ISOCELL HM2 sensor, which is 1.52-inch in size and offers 12,000 x 9,000 effective resolution. Realme says that this technology also brings 9-in-1 pixel binning tech that produces better quality images. The sensor also comes with a Smart ISO feature that automatically selects the most suitable ISO according to the setting for optimizing picture quality and reducing noise simultaneously.

Realme confirmed that the new 108 MP camera technology would come in the upcoming Realme 8 Pro smartphone. The new camera tech also includes in-sensor zoom technology that focuses on capturing sharp and clear images. According to the company, “In Realme 8 Pro’s camera, 3x mode activates a new In-sensor Zoom, which will only use the 12 MP mapped with the zoomed part to generate an image. The imaging process is faster because of the smaller size on the 12 MP photo, enabling Realme 8 Pro to take eight 12 MP photos in a row and then input them into the clarity enhancement algorithm to increase the image clarity further.”

In addition to this, the 108 MP camera will now “starry time-lapse” on a smartphone. According to the company, “It just takes 480 seconds to shoot 30 photos and then to generate a 1-second time-lapse video.”

The new tilt-shift photography feature allows users to capture a miniature landscape image where the algorithm will focus on one part of the image, blurring the background. This is a kind of bokeh effect for landscape images. This feature can also capture time-lapse videos.

For portrait shots, Realme has introduced three different features. The Neon portrait feature will add a “dream-like” filter by emphasizing the backdrop’s bokeh spots. Dynamic Bokeh portrait feature will put a hazy background giving a “sense of speed.” The AI Colour portrait feature retains the human body’s colors in the image while making the soundings black and white.

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