Ram Setu from Ramayana exists, was a man-made formation

In what appears to be a ground-breaking discovery, a promo of an upcoming show on Discovery Communications-owned Science Channel, has made claims of the Ram Setu bridge was not a natural formation, but is man-made.

The discovery will be aired on a TV show on the Science Channel called What on Earth with the episode called Ancient Land Bridge. The show’s promo gives out plenty of hints of the discovery with American geologists and scientists saying that the bridge was man-made and not a natural formation as previously thought.

This adds credence to the Hindu mythological text in the Ramayana which claims that the Ram Setu Bridge was constructed under the guidance of Lord Rama. The bridge currently connects the Pamban Island to Mannar Island (which was man-made).

As for the promo by the Science Channel tweet which has has already generated quite the buzz online there is no timing given as to when the show will be aired.

An archaeologist in the promo states, “The rocks on top of the sand actually pre-date the sand. So there is more to the story.”

Are the ancient Hindu myths of a land bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka true? Scientific analysis suggests they are. 

All of this hints that while the sand formation was natural, the rocks (which are said to be 7,000 years old) have been placed there. More information about the discovery will be uncovered when the show airs.

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