Quickdraw is a constantly improving AI that recognises doodles

Google has launched a web app to demonstrate its machine learning capabilities. The application is like playing Pictionary or Draw Something with an artificial intelligence. The AI guesses what your doodles are based on machine learning.

First, the web app tells you what to draw. Do not worry, the AI has not been programmed to cheat. Users are given twenty seconds to doodle the provided prompt. During the course of the doodle, the AI attempts to recognise the doodle, based on comparisons to previous attempts at drawing doodles.

Every game consists of six doodles. You are given twenty seconds to draw each doodle, and the AI eggs you on by trying to guess your doodles in real time, using voice feedback. The Quickdraw AI keeps track of the doodles that it guessed right, and what it guessed wrong.

For both right and wrong guesses, Quickdraw shows the attempts by other users. The list of attempts by other users is what Quickdraw thinks the doodle looks like. Quickdraw also shows the first, second and third guess, based on similarity. The list of what others drew, and the list of other guesses, gives users an idea of what Quickdraw is “thinking.”

At times, Quickdraw is so fast and accurate, that the correct answers are guessed even before you finish the drawing. If this happens, the timer for the drawing stops, and the incomplete drawing is saved in the database.

The drawings can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. The experiment is a demonstration of how to use machine learning for fun. Quickdraw will get better over time, as more and more users play with it.

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