Just a month after the incremental update 0.11.5 came for PUBG Mobile, the company has released a new version with the number 0.12.0. This update is much more significant than the last one since it brings a ton of new changes including the highly anticipated Infinity Mode.

The massive 1.86 GB beta update brings in a new mode in the Survive Till Dawn Zombie segment in PUBG. The event mode has been rebranded as MugenSpace/Infinity and in the future there will be more and more modes added to it.

The first additional mode to be added is the Infinity Mode which happens to be a Left 4 Dead kind of situation wherein you need to stay alive against an onslaught of Zombies. The teams that stay alive till the very end will get rescued and win the match. Unlike other modes, Infinity Mode can have multiple winners.

The original Survive Till Dawn Zombie mode also sees improvements such as the addition of Liquid Nitrogen which will freeze your enemies. New zombies have been added such as the jumping zombies and also the zombie dog. New abilities for zombies include climbing over walls or onto the roof. A new weapon has been added which is the RPG-7, a rocket launcher.

PUBG has also introduced a companion system which will allow you to take a virtual companion into battle. This companion will remain invisible to the enemies. Earn Companion EXP by taking them into battle, and level them up to unlock Companion emotes.

There is no mention by Tencent whether it will implement any health advisory warnings to counter the rising concern that PUBG has become too addictive for children.

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