Importing PlayStation 5 consoles from outside markets will not come with Sony’s warranty card, the company has confirmed to a portal. The next-gen console was released in certain markets on 12 November; however, the release date of PS5 in India is still unclear. This has led importers to sell the consoles in India at high rates before the official launch. While some popular YouTubers and gaming enthusiasts have already leaped, Sony executives have made it clear that consoles not sold officially in India would not be eligible for Sony’s warrantied service. This is because the console needs to carry the original Sony India Warranty card, which will only be out when it is launched here.

MensXP reached out to Sony India on many gamers buying PS5 from foreign markets and importing them here. A Sony spokesperson said: “We advise our customers to check for the official Sony India Warranty card at the time of purchase to avail warranty benefits within India, and in this context, it is important to note that PlayStation products marketed by Sony India are certified based on India safety standards stipulated by BIS.”

This means that the PlayStation devices marketed by Sony India will be certified according to the Indian safety standards set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This standard ceases to exist if your product has been imported from outside. Thus costing you the chance of seeking a warranty.

The report added that Sony had allowed for repairs and replacements in PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 only if they had an Indian retail bill and a warranty card.

Although India’s launch date is unclear, Sony has announced that the PS 5 will be sold at Rs 49,990 in India. The Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition has been announced at Rs 39,990.

We have reached out to Sony regarding the same and will update the copy as soon as we hear back.

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