At the Google I/O 2019, the search giant promised to include podcasts in its search results and now, it seems the feature is finally rolling out.

According to 9to5 Google, Google Podcasts is showing on the web for iOS and Android on a number of devices. The feature shows podcast results with relevant episodes instead of just the title. One can listen to it directly from the search results page or save an episode for later.

Podcasts do not require one to sign in to the Google Account. On the desktop version, access to one’s subscriptions is available through Google Search results.

Android users can just tap on any of the podcast searches and it will lead them to, with an interface identical to the Android experience. On iOS, selecting play will slide up to play/pause controls, rewind 10 seconds/forward 30 seconds, and even playback speed.

The desktop version now also has a UI better optimised for a large screen, however, in terms of functionality it works the same.

When podcasts were launched last year in June, they were specifically and only available for Android and Google Assistant devices, like Home speakers. However, now the availability will be pan iOS and Android devices via Google Search.

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