Petcube will let pets take selfie videos and call you up when you’re away

Petcube, a company specialising in creating “an interactive Wi-Fi pet camera” has announced new updates to its ‘Petcube Play’ and ‘Petcube Bite’ devices.

The company creates devices that help its customers stay connected with their pets even after they leave their home.

According to the announcement, the latest update will bring ‘pet detection’ technology to both its devices, which use artificial intelligence to identify pets and then start a selfie video for the pet. What is more interesting is the fact that the latest update also allows pets to start a ‘two-way’ video call with the owner of the pet that is pre-defined in the system. What is unique here is that pet is the one initiating the video call, unlike other systems where the owner is the one initiating the video call.

report by The Verge points out that this new feature is set to release in spring this year. According to the report, Petcube Play has a built-in laser that owners can control using the mobile app, while Petcube Bites can let users launch treats in the air as a reward. Users can also get the machine to dispense rewards on a schedule and at regular intervals.

Both have Facebook live as well as Amazon Alexa integrated, allowing owners to see, record or talk to your pet using video. Whenever the device captures the pet using the front camera of the device, a video is recorded, which is then pushed to the users. Users can then accept the request for the video call, along with an option to save the video clip and share it on social media platforms. However, this is not everything as the company is working on developing new tools that will observe the behaviour of the pet to help their owners keep a more comprehensive check on the health of their pets, and also on whatever antics they might be up to in their owner’s absence.

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