In collaboration with a Japanese design studio Nendo, Oppo has announced a new concept slide phone made up of three hinges. Due to these hinges, users can fold the smartphone in seven different sizes as per their convenience. Just like the Galaxy Z Flip, this Oppo concept phone also opens vertically. The company calls it a “slide-phone.” According to a teaser, the smartphone will feature a quad-camera setup placed horizontally.

The video also reveals that just like Samsung Galaxy phones, Oppo’s phone might also come with an S-pen like tucked stylus. According to Oppo’s tweet, “Sliding one fold up exposes 40 mm of the screen with simple functions that don’t need a full screen. These are ideal for applications like call history, notifications, and music player interfaces.” After the second fold, an 80mm screen will be exposed that is ideal for clicking pictures and playing games.

The concept phone also features physical buttons for volume, Play/Pause, and more.

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