Opera announces a new browser for mobile called ‘Opera Touch’

Opera has just announced a new browser for mobile called Opera Touch, which comes with a clean and clutter-free interface that is designed for one-hand use.

The new browser also features Opera’s newest feature called Flow, which allows users to add links, images, notes and videos to a section which syncs with the web version of Opera. According to the Opera blog post, Opera Flow has been developed for ease of use and provide seamless switching between web and mobile versions of the Opera browser.

Opening the browser for the first time prompts users to connect the browser to the web version of Opera by simply scanning a QR code. Once that is complete, the Flow feature is ready to sync to your web browser and this pairing is required only for the first time.

Once the connection bit is done, the address bar immediately opens up and is ready for the user to begin typing a URL or a search query. The browser also features a Fast Action Button or FAB, which shows up at the bottom of the screen. This button essentially lets you switch between tabs, reload the page or go back to the previous page by opening a carousel of options.

Opera Touch also includes features which are a part of Opera’s original browser which includes an integrated ad-blocker and a crypto mining protector. The browser is currently available only for Android users but Opera states that an iOS version will be out soon.

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