Opening a message from an extra-terrestrial being might result in the end of humanity

Won’t it be exciting to receive a message from an alien species? Well, according to some research, this message could very possibly result in the extinction of humanity. Not very exciting now, is it? The safest course of action if we receive a message from an extraterrestrial species would be to instantly delete it.

According to an IBTimes report, research done by Michael Hippke, an independent scientist from the Sonneberg Observatory in Germany, and John G Learned of the University of Hawaii proves that the ‘decontamination’ of an extra-terrestrial message would be impossible. The sender of such a message would no doubt have the capability of creating some kind of super-virus which could be deadly to the human race.

As is the case with humanity, there will be good and bad civilizations of intelligent alien life with varying intentions for the human race, said the research paper.

The academics stated in their report, “On the most basic level, a message might represent a statement like ‘We will make your sun go supernova tomorrow’ true or not, it could cause widespread panic. More realistically, a longer test could have a demoralizing cultural influence.”

The more prominent threat would be the inclusion of a malicious AI in the message which might overpower humanity in a very Terminator-like scenario. “There could be a community on Earth in favor of letting it out for religious, philosophical or other reasons. If the AI promises to cure cancer or offers a message of salvation, a cult could form.” says the research paper.

In any case, finding intelligent life which is capable of communicating with us would definitely be an exciting prospect in our race to colonize at least our galaxy.

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