OnePlus ‘Switch’ makes it easier for users to switch to a new OnePlus device

OnePlus has launched a new Android app named as ‘OnePlus Switch’.

The company released the app on Google Play Store in a beta stage for users to test the app and fix the bugs before the final version is launched. OnePlus Switch will be used as a migration tool for users who want to switch to a OnePlus device without losing their data such as SMS messages, call logs, contacts, calendars, videos, photos, audio files, and even apps.

This is separate from Google’s backup and restore functionality that comes as a part of Google Play Services and the migration tool that the company packs with its Pixel 2 devices. According to a report by Android Police on the tool, the app can run on any Android device running Android Lollipop 5.0 but it needs a new OnePlus device as the target.

One of the key differences between the offering by Google and OnePlus is the fact that OnePlus Switch does not offer saving functionality for the App data. Instead, it can only transfer the apps. Google backs up contacts, calendars, photos, videos and even call history along with SMS messages if the user is already on an older Pixel device. The report also points out that OnePlus is expecting to launch the final version of the app in mid-January.

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