Back in September, OnePlus had invited feature ideas to be incorporated in OxygenOS from community members under the platform called IDEAS 2.0. After surfing through over 7,000 such ideas, the company has announced the seven winning ideas that will be now adopted into their operating system features. In a forum post, OnePlus thanked everyone for sending in their ideas and detailed what comes with the winning ideas. The smartphone giant has also mentioned the username of community members who had posted the ideas.

The first idea that was chosen is adding an FPS counter option to Game Space. Suitable for heavy gamers, if users get to see the frames per second of games while playing them, it might help them judge the games’ performance level.

Separate volume for each app and allowing dual media playback is the second selected idea. Lock Screen customization, where users will customize their choice of clock design, weather prompt, and shortcuts, is another winning idea. One of the top-voted suggestions was about wireless file transfer from PC to OnePlus device and vice-versa. Making a seamless transfer of data from an OnePlus device to their laptop is surely going to save time and a lot of energy. The idea details that if the phone and laptop are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, files should be transferred without connecting the products with USB cables.

Power Diet talks of an ultra power saver mode that has been seen before in Samsung, HTC, and Huawei devices, as per the Android Authority. Dark mode to be black instead of gray or at least an option for both is the sixth idea to make its way into OnePlus devices.

Lastly, a feature that allows partial screenshots of a certain screen. The member rightly wrote that this feature is “already available in Realme OS, when three fingers are placed for a short time it activates partial screenshot and swiping down the part we wanted to take a screenshot, captures the screen.”

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