Responding to rumours of OnePlus working on a foldable phone, CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the company, in fact, has no such plans as of now.

Speaking to students at the European Design Institute in Milan, Italy, Lau seemingly confirmed that instead of a foldable phone, OnePlus is working on building a TV that will have smart controls and not a conventional remote, an Italian publication reported.

Apparently, Lau believes that foldable phones, while are a nice piece of innovation, they do not do anything that is fundamentally different from a conventional smartphone. He thinks the phones are gimmicky do not drastically alter the potential of a smart communication and entertainment device.

And that’s why OnePlus is instead working on building an innovative ‘smart screen’.

Lau also revealed the company’s plans to further use machine learning and 5G connectivity to build tools for the automotive industry. In simpler words, like Apple, Google and others, OnePlus too aims to enter the connected car industry.

Notably, though, these projects are far ahead in the future, and there is not timeline yet on how soon they will see the light of day.

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