OnePlus 6 owner cheats Face Unlock feature with a picture of himself

Remember all the tales of people cheating iPhone X’s Face ID and us freaking out over what Apple had handed over to us? That’s now happening to OnePlus’ Face Unlock feature too.

We see in the video, that Rik’s friend puts his photo on his face like a mask, and uses it to unlock his OnePlus 6. While we see him struggling in unlocking the device for an initial few seconds, the mask does the trick eventually.A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @rikvdujin, recently posted a video of him and his friend fooling OnePlus 6’s face recognition feature with a life-size printed photograph of his face.

Unlike fingerprint sensors, the face recognition unlocking features only allow one face to be registered at a time. So it could not happen that both Rik and his friends were registered on the device.

The Twitter user posted it on Reddit too, saying that this photo-mask trick even worked when he used a black and white picture of his face.

Can you imagine if that is a genuine flaw, how dangerous could masks like these (below) be? That’s why you must never ever have Face Unlock as the only means of unlocking your Android devices. It is not secure. Patterns, PINs and fingerprints for unlocking are still much secure options.

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