The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has introduced the RuPay Contactless (Offline) feature. The feature also provides reloadable wallets within RuPay Card for everyday transit payments as well. According to a statement by NPCI, it has also introduced the feature for retail payments on a pilot basis, adding that the features will augment the overall transaction experience for RuPay cardholders and help evolve the card payment ecosystem. As per NCPI, the RuPay card comes with a reloadable wallet feature where customers can store money to ensure quick and effortless transactions without any irregularities, even if they have poor connectivity at the POS machines.

According to NCPI, the RuPay NCMC (National Common Mobility Card) offline wallet can be used to make ticket payments in transit, thus reducing wait time, traffic congestion, and transit time.

The offline wallet facility has been extended to retail stores as part of the pilot as well. Since the lack of internet connectivity or slow connectivity acts as a hindrance to digital transactions, offline payments could facilitate people to adopt digital payments.

Speaking about it, Nalin Bansal, Head of RuPay & NFS, NPCI, said that they are delighted to unveil the new RuPay Contactless (offline feature), adding, “We are confident that with the advent of the stellar RuPay contactless (offline) feature, the acceptance infrastructure for RuPay will increase exponentially and will result in the rapid onboarding on both merchants and consumers in various geographies across the nation.”

According to Bansal, with the recent announcement to increase the transaction limit on contactless payments, customers will witness all-new security, convenience, and safety level.

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